A Bad Time to Forget

I had a pretty close moment with a giveaway last week. A company that was promoting its new video game decided to give out download codes for the game to the first 20,000 people. All I had to do was log into my Hotmail account and follow a link to get the code. This would have been simple enough, if I didn’t forget my password. I don’t really use the account on a normal basis. Typing in random password combinations on the Hotmail Outlook login screen was frustrating. I felt like some kind of hacker trying to get secret information.

Each second that I was wasting trying to remember the password meant less time that I had to get the game code. I threw in the towel and contacted the support staff for help. They told me that there is a section on the website where I can have a password reset to an alternate email account that I have on file. I forgot that when the account was made, they asked me to give them another email address as a backup contact. I entered the address and was sent a link to reset the password. I then made up a new password and logged into the account.

Once I logged in, I went to the link for the game code and was able to get one just in time. I thought about making another account and getting another code to trade or sell later on, but that would have been greedy of me to do. Besides, I think someone would have found out eventually, and I probably would have gotten into trouble for it. I thought it was smooth sailing for the rest of the day, but I ran into another problem. Once I redeemed the code, I realized that I didn’t have any free space to download the game.


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