Helping to Decipher the Difference Between Cable TV and DirecTV

These days we see advertisements for almost every product and all of them seem to be convinced that they are the best. It can get confusing when companies seem nearly identical, like when cable companies and DirecTV start claiming that the other provider is inferior in every possible way. Of course the truth is that both have their differences and picking a clear winner is pretty hard to do for most people. Each has some distinctive features, so a lot of it boils down to personal preference and needs. Over at they put together a decent comparison to make the decision easier, providing tons of information about the services offered.

Perhaps the biggest advantage that DirecTV holds is the 2014 NFL Sunday Ticket package. This is flat out the best way for any football fan to get all of the games and follow their team and favorite players closely. This is extremely popular with people who are into fantasy football, as they often have many games where they want to watch players that they have picked and see how they are doing. Of course cable companies do have some football games on television, as many top networks like CBS and ESPN have regular coverage.

The difference is really in the details as you can see by the above example, so which details matter the most is up to each customer. However, DirecTV does their best to sweeten the deal with promotions like free upgrades to their Genie HD Advanced Receiver, which allows customers to control television and get crystal clear HD. Other promotions include things like free premium channel packages when the subscription starts, which allows customers to try things out before committing to buying them. Of course with the best customer support on the market, they can easily help anyone upgrade or cancel any package options.


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