I Guess I Can Pick My Own Power Company

I guess I can pick my own power company down here. I was just asking the guy at work who I needed to call and he told me that he used Amigo Energy in Texas, but that I might be able to go with them or with Ambit or Green Mountain or perhaps Reliant. I was a bit confused, because I figured it was like back home. I came from High Point in North Carolina, there you get Duke Energy company. It is actually called the Southern Company, but they own about half of the big power companies in the South I think. In some parts of the state I think you can go with energy co ops and there is Carolina Power, but you get them and no other choice. Here they have a couple of web pages where you can go to and find out which ones are available to you in the place where you live.

This one is called energy providers Texas dot com, but there are a couple of others and I have been looking at them trying to figure out if there is a big difference between one and the next one. My guess is that you are not going to see a big difference between the price that one charges and what you can get from the next one. It is just going to be a relatively small difference in price, but of course I am thinking about other stuff. I was wondering who would come and fix my power the quickest if it went out on me. That is going to be the one thing that is going to be a huge deal to me, because like most people I really do like to have my air conditioning and my HD TV.


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