We Put the Kids First

Lunar New Year - Fair Oaks Mall - Fairfax, VAMy ex and I married right out of high school. We thought love would keep us afloat. If it would have been real love rather than teen infatuation, it probably would have. Unfortunately, we did not realize this until we had our first child. We tried to make the marriage work, but we were both unhappy. By the time we realized we couldn’t continue on, we had three children. We knew we had to put them first, which is why I hired a divorce lawyer in fairfax virginia. If we did not end our marriage, we both knew the kids would be scarred by our fighting and indifference at times.

The funny part is that once we started talking about divorce, we started getting along better. That didn’t mean we were going to stop the proceedings, but it did mean that we knew we could be friends afterwards. I have a feeling that my lawyer rarely sees cases like this. The only reason we did each get a lawyer is because there is a lot of money involved in the divorce settlement.


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