Working on an Old Amphibious Vehicle

I am not really sure if this thing is safe, but I have been working on this thing that they call a DUKW. If you look it up on the Internet you will see that they were originally used during the Second World War. It was a big deal back then, especially in the Pacific and in the Normandy landing. It uses a small air compressor like the ones you see @trainhornsunlimited dot com. In those cases the little air compressor is to power the air horns that they sell. In a DUKW you have a system which allows you to alter the air pressure in the six drive wheels of the vehicle. I suppose a lot of people do not understand the importance of air pressure for this sort of application. A vehicle like this is going to be going from beach sand to hard surface roads. In beach sand you can not use high pressure in the tires. It will simply sink and spin. You will get nowhere. So you have to be able to adjust from one to the other.

That is the problem with this vehicle. It is being used as tour vehicle, but it has been stowed in a garage for a year or there abouts. It is not so easy to figure out how to work on it and obviously you are not going to be able to go down to the local auto parts store and get a small air compressor for a vehicle that was built in the year 1944. In fact I was looking at it very closely and I am pretty sure I found a place where it had been hit by a bullet or something else. It had not penetrated the metal, but there was a pretty nice dent.


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